See the Difference

Here are Snake Dancer Excursions we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest. Here's just a few ways we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Hells Canyon Wildlife

See More Wildlife

We’re the first boat out in the morning, which means you'll get to see all sorts of wildlife before they retreat back into the hills.

See More of Hells Canyon

See More of Hells Canyon

We travel the farthest upriver. More bang for your buck and more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a few extra rapids.

Family Friendly Hells Canyon Tours

Feel Confident & Safe

We have a perfect safety record. Our tours are fun and safe for the whole family!

Hells Canyon Fishing Tours

Enjoy a More Personal Tour

We take smaller groups, which means you'll gain a new friend in your captain!

5 1/2 Hour Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

Eat Well

We provide homemade-style buffet lunches. A great Hells Canyon tour deserves a great lunch.

Sturgeon Fishing on Hells Canyon Dam

Go Anytime You Want To!

With our custom tour packages, you pick the time of day to go!

Did You Know?

Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America! In some areas, the canyon reaches depths of 7900 feet!